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Leverage fast & secure WordPress web development services

Is WordPress just for blogs? No, it’s much more!

WordPress has become so much more than a blogging platform. It's a full-featured content management system, which means it’s also more than just a website. And we are here to help you through it.

As core contributors to WordPress opensource, we are among the preferred WordPress development companies in the world, providing a complete set of solutions for your WordPress design, development, and maintenance.

With hundreds of WordPress websites developed for customers worldwide, BirajTech sets apart your vision with modified designs and cutting-edge features. You will find all WordPress development services at one-stop go.

Whether you wish to reduce the load time, increase security, ensure compliance, implement third-party extensions, APIs, and more; we perform all complex tasks with ease.

Features of WordPress include:

  • Easily managed
  • Manage the content on a website without HTML experience
  • Allows for customized role for single user control
  • Hierarchy support for dynamic menus with drop-downs
  • Select from many themes and plug-ins for your website
  • integrating WooCommerce and creating a tailored eCommerce website
  • Easily add additional website editors
  • Website portability & vendor lock-in avoidance
  • enhanced SEO features and a striking visual appeal all rolled into one

We Provide services like:

  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Plugin Integration
  • WordPress CMS Development & Integration
  • WordPress Website Development & Customization
  • WordPress Blog Development
  • WordPress Website Designing Services
  • WordPress Theme Design Services
  • WordPress Design Integration
  • WordPress Implementation & Setup
  • WordPress Data Migration

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