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Get the most out of cloud computing with BirajTech's consulting services. We help you save costs, improve performance, and ensure security. Our experts offer guidance on strategy, architecture, and infrastructure. Let's take your business to new heights with BirajTech Cloud Consulting.

Cloud Consulting Solutions Driven by Innovation
Maximize the cloud's potential to promote your business and expand the reach of your company worldwide.

Manage Your IT Infrastructure with BirajTech Cloud Services

There are applications available for almost everything now. You must differentiate yourself from the crowd in the face of such fierce competition. Therefore, cloud-native applications may be the way to go and lead to business success. And the cloud is capable of just that and so much more!

Cloud technology has enormous potential, and when combined with our knowledge, it can completely change your company. Our cloud consulting services help turn your next great idea into a roaring success, whether it involves creating cloud-based applications, automating cloud migration procedures, or utilizing platforms like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure.


With the help of the publicly accessible Google Cloud Platform (GCP), users may create, develop, launch, and grow websites and applications using the same infrastructure that Google uses.

By assisting with technical issues and digital transformation while offering solutions for analytics, data management, app modernization, data security, and artificial intelligence, Google cloud consulting brings value to your company.

Top Benefits of Our Google Cloud Consulting Services

1. Mobile Applications

Organizations can create apps for native frameworks like Android or iOS as well as hybrid frameworks like React Native or Ionic with BirajTech, the top Google Cloud Consulting Services provider in India. Get everything you require for the creation of mobile applications with our Google Cloud Consulting Services.

2. Development of Websites & Web Applications

Organizations can host a basic static website or construct intricate multi-tier web apps from scratch with BirajTech, the leading Google Cloud Consulting firm. Businesses can create and deploy scalable, always-available online apps and websites thanks to the architecture, services, and tools of the Google Cloud Platform.

3. Big Data

Organizations require tools that can acquire, analyze, organize, prioritize, and store data in accordance with user-defined parameters since more data is being produced than ever before, especially with the advent of IoT. Get tomorrow's knowledge today with Google Cloud Consulting Services, which are the best at handling big data.

4. App Development

Developers can create and test applications for any environment with BirajTech. With a variety of tools for developers, including automated testing tools from several mobile platforms. Organizations can spend less on hardware purchases by utilizing our Google Cloud Platform consulting services. With us, you may get anything you require for application development.

5. Gaming

The video game market doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With the help of our Cloud consulting services, you can get the infrastructure and services you need to let your imagination run wild. Google Cloud Consulting Services can assist you in creating scalable games that relieve customers and organizations of the burden of upfront IT investment costs.

6. IoT (Internet of things)

More than 50 billion people will be linked by 2020, according to experts. The ability to acquire data, scale connections, and—most importantly—make sense of the data so you can get insights is available from Google Cloud Consulting Services. You can develop better products and services with the help of this information.


We make the cloud easy for you. HASSLE-FREE AND EASY TO USE”

Still, confused about cloud computing? Get in touch with us one of our cloud experts now.

BirajTech is to the rescue, as we make the cloud easy for you. From Cloud & Data Migration to scalability to 24x7 customer support, leave your cloud development to us. We help our clients benefit from cloud computing in scalable, secure, and affordable ways.

Fuel innovation, agility, and responsiveness with cloud computing. Our cloud consulting services will enable you to attain projected benefits through a seamless transition to cloud-based applications. Once cloud-enabled, you can easily set up new projects or test environments, build a proof of concepts, and be as agile as you dictate.


1. Compute Services:

Benefit from scalable computing power with AWS EC2, simplified cloud deployment using LightSail, effortless app management via Elastic Beanstalk, and efficient serverless computing with AWS Lambda.

2. Storage Solutions:

Ensure seamless data storage with Amazon EBS and AWS Storage Gateway for reliable and scalable storage solutions.

3. Security Measures:

Protect your cloud resources with robust IAM and Certificate Manager services to manage identities and ensure secure communication.

4. Database Management:

Optimize database operations with Amazon RDS for relational databases and DynamoDB for NoSQL databases, ensuring efficient data management and retrieval.

Our expertise and experience in dealing with the leading public cloud platforms make us a perfect choice for your business:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Oracle Cloud, and more

What Sets Us Apart?

  • World-class expertise
  • Proven use cases
  • Always-on availability
  • Always up-to-date
  • Improved mobility
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Improved security and compliance
  • Efficient resource utilization