CMS and E-Commerce Solutions To Scale Your Business

We build experiences, not just shop fronts

In today’s digital marketing landscape, websites are only as good as the content they provide to their users.

A website is a company’s flagship source of content. When your websites are accessible, easy-to-use, and credible, you have the potential to make the most out of your marketing and sales efforts. And how do you ensure that you reach these and other marketing goals? It's quite simple that you need to build your e-Commerce websites using a content management system (CMS).

BirajTech offers a comprehensive set of CMS (Content Management System) and eCommerce development services, including Shopify, WordPress, and Magento development. Our proven offshore talent model makes us one of the leaders in CMS services as we provide clients with high-quality services that accelerate their business to a faster market capture at competitive prices.

Why is CMS integrated with e-commerce websites?

  1. Provide a seamless user experience across the entire site
  2. Target content toward users based on commerce decisions
  3. Integrate mobile users into the user experience

Why us?

Customization: Our developers use the ever-evolving technology and latest trends to customize your website. With custom development, you get a solution 100% tailored to your particular needs. When drawing up a future online store specification, you can consider each tiny but essential detail. As a result, you'll get a platform with only those features that your business requires.

Costs: When it comes to developing an online store using an existing e-commerce CMS solution or creating a new one, the are several things having a significant impact on your budget:

  • Development of custom logic not standard to chosen CMS
  • Installation, theme adjustment, modification of extensions, customization
  • Third-party integrations, such as inventory systems or POS integration

Quality Assurance:

We conduct a detailed financial and beneficial analysis to see if building the solution from scratch is viable for your business.

Time-to-market: On average, professional development using ready-made CMS takes at least three months. Ready or new e-commerce platforms allow us to use and customize one of the templates that significantly speeds up development and delivery.

Maintenance and Tech Support: Very rarely, you can just make a website, get the result, and stop there. With your business development and changes in the market, you will have to improve the existing functionality over time.

We cover your maintenance and support from day one of the launch.

Content management systems offer some outstanding features below:

  • Wizards installation and upgrade
  • SEO
  • Template customization for changing designs
  • Integration of audit logs
  • Collaboration platform
  • Modularity and extensibility
  • Reduce the need for code from scratch
  • Version management
  • User and group functionality