BirajTech Privacy Policies

Any data gathered by BirajTech is used exclusively to deliver services and support for the company's products.

We respect the confidence you place in us when you visit one of our websites or use one of our web services here at BirajTech Services Pvt. Ltd ("BirajTech"). We have established a long-lasting reputation for harnessing technology and data to provide everyone we serve with openness, integrity, and efficiency. Making sure you understand the information we gather, how we use it, and the potential sharing of it is a part of our dedication to transparency and integrity.

BirajTech won't divulge information to anyone except those in the company.

1. Data That We Gather 

We just ask our clients for the bare minimum of contact information, such as the name, address, job title, phone number, and email of people who use the program. This data will continue to be kept in safe BirajTech databases and will only be accessed to support our products.

2. Information Usage

The data we gather will allow us to get in touch with customers in the event of product problems, expiration, new features, or other information necessary to deliver the best service. Information will only be used to promote BirajTech products; other uses are not permitted.

3. Information Storage 

The databases maintained by BirajTech will keep the data it has acquired secure with password-protected access. Information entered into software from BirajTech is kept on a server with password-protected access. Only this server and the backup discs that the software specifies will have the information.

4. Data Removal 

With a written request from the key contact, BirajTech will erase data it has gathered from its databases.

5. Cookies

Without the customer's knowledge and permission, BirajTech will not install any type of "cookie" or any other type of data on the client’s computer.