Our Plan

Process How Birajtech services Will Help Your Business


To relieve you of all the worries about protecting your data & ideas, we start our work by suggesting mutually signing IP protection and NDA agreements


We will conduct consulting sessions with you until we layout a clear plan of action for your idea. Also so that no grey areas are left uncleared. For instance, if our services & methods are a right fit for you before giving any timeline & cost commitments.


After 1st and 2nd step, we will have all the required ingredients for making your product, but in this step with collective inputs from team members, we will analyze risks and amount of efforts required to make your product.


Based on the UI/UX designs, we create a working prototype that will give you an exact idea of how all the features, functions, buttons, animations will work when a particular action takes place like clicking a button.


Our team builds intricate and custom UI/UX designs with icons, buttons, etc., using cutting edge tools like AdobeXD. With these designs you will be able to make sense of how the final outcome would look.


After the prototype is approved, we proceed with the development of the product following the decided development approach. After the completion of each sprint, we will update you to review the work and give your feedback for any change.


Our Quality Assurance team and their approach of Incremental Quality Testing lets us start testing at the initial level to avoid any unsolicited surprises in the end. We conduct Unit testing, Automation testing, User acceptance; etc so that you have an error free product within the promised timeline.


After all the development sprints and Quality Testing, we will launch a bug-free and streamlined product on app stores, cloud, or your servers.


Even after going live, we offer a free support period for the time where you may need a technical partner for time-totime check up and maintenance, upgrades, feature addition, and other such activities.

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